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Olga on the Moskova River for a commemorative ball. Jennifer Sutherland Cross-Stitch designs logo. Somes flowers for my Kostiskal friends.

Cross-Stitch designs are a original and artistic way to get gymnastics memories, Comaneci, Baitova, Khorkina,... and soon Mukhina, Yurtchenko, Boguinskaia? New challenges for our friend, and we not forget the today gymnasts like Gaelle Richard (France) for instance.
(Also imagination: for anyone who knew the Soviet era, we can imagine a piece with the Soviet flag on the top, a 'gymnastics' word in Russian in the middle and the 'cccp' on the bottom... or an ussr gymnast name on the middle... nice idea Jennifer ?!).
Jennifer also creates pieces outside the Gymnastics universe. Go to the cyberstitchers website to know more about.
Some past and today gymnasts also own their dedicated cross-stitch! Symbol of the Jennifer's recognition as an artist! We are several on Kostiskal to own Jennifer 's designs.
Here are two viewes of a 2004 work:  
Alexandra Eremia (total view)New page July 22th 2004.  and  Alexandra Eremia (partial view).New page July 22th 2004..
Watch the details in the work on the partial view. Precision, Art!
Have also a look on several wonderful 2003 art-work pieces: Illaria Colombo  and  Verona Van de Leur. Other excellent '03 jobs are the Tarasenko art-work piece and the Moreno cross-stitch.
Here are two viewes of a rhythmics work done by Jennifer for the Kostiskal webmaster:  
Okasna Kostina (total view)New page July 22th 2004.  and  Oksana Kostina (partial view).New page July 22th 2004..
Jennifer Sutherland: an US Gym Artist.

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