Play on Kostiskal with Olga and Bernard!
Hold the line, play with us!
By  Olga  and Bernard.

We published several quizzes and little games dedicated to gymnastics on the past Url of Kostiskal. Here is somes of them. Enjoy the asks and see the solutions only when you haven't found them... :-)
We are creating new gymnastics games and we add them here soon.
--Olga and Bernard-- (2002 Jan. 6th).
Olga and Bernard enjoy playing!!

9) Gymnastics History quiz .(August 2000 by Bernard).

8) The Ussr gymnasts quiz.(April 2000 by Olga).

7) A gym quiz about the Russian gymnasts.(February 2000 by Olga).

6) The quiz about Svetlana Boguinskaia.(December 1999 by Cathy and Bernard).

5) Gym quiz about the History of gymnastics.(September 1999 by Cathy and Bernard).

4) Floor themes gym quiz.(September 1999 by Gaelle and Bernard).

3) Gymnastics skills History quiz.(August 1999 by Cathy and Bernard).

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