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By Meredith and Bernard.

We have created this new part to add some personal comments on gymnastics results and facts.
These pages contain personal opinions then you can agree or not with us. it's just a set of minds on gymnastics as we are all gym fans and gym lovers.'Mad as a cut snake' is a sentence from Australia meaning 'raving mad, insane'.
Comments before the '04 Athens Olympics.

The 2003 Worlds (part 2): Australia, yeah! The Russian failure.

Comments on the 2003 Worlds (part 1).

The come back of Tsavdaridou, before the 2003 Worlds.

The 2002 Rsg spring cleaning?

The March French Rsg Nationals results.

The March French artistic Nationals results.

The March French Nationals, Olga Korbut.

Some comments about the Worlds '01 (Part 2).

Some comments about the Worlds '01 (Part 1).

Before the artistic Worlds of Belgium.

Before the R.G. Worlds in Madrid (Spain).

Tragedy in U.s. : mourning time.

2001 Romania vs France vs Bulgaria meet in Deva.

2001 Rsg Gazprom Cup results.

2008 China Games, 2001 Mediterranean Games of Tunis.

2001 Team European Championships: promoting gym?

News from Russia: Rhythmics and politics, 2001 Artistic Nationals.

Ukrainian Cup; Usa defeated Romania, and now...Russia?

2001 Cottbus cup: results and comments.

2001 Thiais Tournament, French Internationals: some words.

Mad, mad, mad, gym World!!
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