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We are doing gym tapes trades for a pile of years. We have traded with gym fans from all over the World : Australia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Great-Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Moldavia, Nederland, New-Zealand, Norway, Ouzbekistan, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Usa.
As shipping costs are often high, we have decided to create a conjoint videos list to share the costs and results of our trades. We were members of the R.G.T.T.C.(Rhythmic gymnastics tapes trading club), now stopped. Then the rhythmics list is now included in the whole gymnastics list.
We are currently members of the G.T.T.C.
So, if you are doing tapes gymnastics trades, in Secam, Pal or Ntsc video formats, for events and reports, visit our website and our list at :
The Kostiskal gymnastics tapes list. (Kostiskal and Bernard list).
E-mail to Bernard, Kostiskal tapes list contact.

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Docs only can be reproduced for the private use of gym fans.