The Kostiskals friends page.

Homepage creator : 'Smiling Bear' Bernard Garau (France)

Thanks a lot to all our friends who are contributing to Kostiskal.
With special thanks to :

My Aussie friend Meredith Leura from Sydney (Australia), memories for ever!
My Russian 'sister' : Olga Vetchina (Russia).
Eleni Griniatsou, wonderful friend and photographer (Greece).
Caroline Paulian (France).
Martina Eggeling who shares the love of figure-skating too (Germany).
Marion Anceneau (France).
Gaelle Iruxa, the smiling rhythmic gymnast.
Cathy Surget-Verdier. (France).
Bieke Noels, always so nice (Belgium).
Daria Tunca, and her interesting minds on gymnastics (Belgium).
Jennifer Sutherland and the passion for the Russian gymnastics (Usa).
Maryline Dessauge and her passion for rhythmics (France).
Susan Hamilton who knows so well the Romania gymnastics. (Italy).

And some mores who contributed to Kostiskal in the past like Sarah Garrard (Uk), Catalina Buciu and Rodica Listea (Romania), Tara Kennaway (Australia), Isabelle Fey (France), Louis Pereira, so good rhythmics photographer (France), Bianka Pitz (Germany), ... .
Thanks also to all my other gym penpals all around the World: Laura, Christina (Australia), Julia, Susanne (Germany), Susan, Ines (Italy), Cynthia (Greece), Deborah, Kelly (Usa), Kristin, Astrid (Norway), Heather (Uk), Anne, Karine, Murielle, Aline, Christelle, Pauline (France)...
Many thanks also to the Gttc and Rgttc members
And a little word for several friends I lost contact with like Tara Kennaway (Australia), Mayumi Kawai (Uk), Dorothee Dhenain (France): write soon!!
Memories for ever!


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